Monday, November 23, 2015

Health and Fitness: Goth Workout Wear

(Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing the companies I've linked to. I do not profit at all from you clicking the links or buying. This is just some google fu for my own entertainment, and hopefully yours. All pictures belong to the websites linked. None are mine.)

Let's be honest, working out kinda feels…. less than goth. It feels like something soccer moms or people like Maria Kang do, not something people who usually dress like this do.

Picture via Tumblr's Facebook page
Exercise has been proven to liven mood, decrease symptoms of depression, and coupled with a healthy diet can really improve your health and quality of life. In part of my efforts to lose weight, I've adopted a quick at home workout routine. I immediately set out to find gothic workout attire. Being on a budget  not sure if actually going to stick with working out, I didn't want to spend a fortune. Oh the things I'd buy if I could though. As I was researching for this piece, I came across an actual movement called Health Goth, to which I've linked some relevant articles below.

Enjoy some links below for some ideas to find your own goth workout gear.

First things first. You need to stay hydrated. 

Why not try this Skull Water Bottle?

Or maybe this one.

Or maybe this Nightmare Before Christmas one?

This novelty tee comes in a sweatshirt and tanktop form as well.

I managed to find some skull print athletic shorts and a matching tank at Walmart by No Boundaries for $10 each, but I can't seem to find a link online. Maybe something like these beauties:

Or their less expensive cousin.

Yoga more your style? These skull print yoga pants might do the trick

Some quirky workout gear to match your quirky self might be just what you need to jump-start your workout regimen.
Apparently, Health Goth is a thing. Pretty cool, eh? Visit the original Health Goth Facebook page or their website Health
The NY Times also did a piece on the Health Goth movement.  
The Daily Dot's Piece Want to watch a video? 
And another post with a bunch of links to gear in the mid to high high price range. 

Now get out there with your goth self and get moving!

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