Sunday, November 8, 2015

Introduction and First Fashion Post

I'm just another blog in the sea of gothic blogs, just another goth, just another parent, just another person who is almost 30 and feels like I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I've been inspired by one of my favorite blogs to begin my own. I run another blog pertaining to my doll hobby, so I am by no means a stranger to blogging. I'll be posting a list on the sidebar of my favorite goth blogs, the ones I found most inspiring as I began to rediscover myself and rekindle my confidence.

My youngest brother, probably my biggest supporter, passed away this summer a few weeks after turning 17. His death shook what little I thought I understood of the world up,  and left me finding myself and my old hobbies and interests again- he'd always supported and believed in me, no matter how "weird" the rest of the family thought I was. So in some ways, this is my homage to him. I won't ever give up on myself. I'll be strong, for him....

Anyways, I'm a little shy, lacking a bit in confidence. I have a degree in anthropology, but I work as a secretary. Thus, I get to incorporate a little corp goth into my wardrobe. I have two toddlers, a husband who has embraced the steampunk culture and his own darker side (Jack the Ripper being his main style inspiration). I have a flair for the dramatic and the flamboyant (what can I say... I'm a libra). I ramble and curse a lot more than a proper lady ought. I'm a part-time mermaid saving for a silicone tail of my own, among other things.

My style can best be described as "recovering American Eagle devotee with a secret stash of romantigoth frills and petticoats". On non-fancy days, something along the lines of rocker chick or corp goth. I dabble a bit in dark mori/witchy goth.

Why I thought my perspective was worth sharing:

I found myself searching for a few specific things over and over again--
  • "How should I dress at 30?"
  • "30 year old goths"
  • "Goth Parents"
  • "Too old to dress goth?"

I admit to a certain weakness-- I put far too much stock in the opinions of others and always have. I felt compelled to act a certain way, dress a certain way, that the old me was gone because I put on a few pounds since my early 20s and became a wife and mother (twice over!). One blog in particular popped up on my search. I read her post over, over again. She summed it up perfectly: I'm over my normal phase, and I'm coming back to my gothy home, society be damned (paraphrased of course). Find her post here.

I'm exploring my style, how to make a mom of toddlers on the go work the goth look without feeling like I'm looking like I'm trying too hard.

What I plan to blog about:
  • My style exploration
  • Confidence issues as I journey towards my 30s 
  • Grief and loss (I'll try to keep this to a minimum, though I think as we age, we find more and more people around us dying.)
  • My weight loss journey (I've lost 25 lbs since my daughter was born last December, with about 30 more to go!)
  • Relationship, Parenting, and Family Issues of the non-baby bat variety (not that baby bat issues are bad or irrelevant, just that there are plenty of other blogs which do that very thing).
  • Societal pressures unique to the aging or Elder Goth tribe. 

Sorry for this terribly long, ranty post. I hope you'll join my on my journey, and maybe find something of interest to you. Thank you for reading, and happy haunting. ;)

And for a first time picture, have one of my husband and I on Halloween this year.

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